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Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Today, an increasing number of them are made over internet sites. Anuradha Vinod Gupta, CEO and founder of one such site –Vows for Eternity — has brought an elite twist to matchmaking, especially for US-based Indians and top corporates of the country. But sadly, that is not true. Very few realise that even celebrities are unable to find a suitable marriage partner, says Anuradha Vinod Gupta, top Indian-American matchmaker from the United States. A globetrotting young entrepreneur, Anu, as she is fondly called, has become a global matchmaker-counsellor-relationship expert and a media personality. Her client list is not only restricted to high-flying corporate giants and glamorous celebrities from filmdom but also includes ordinary businessmen and white-collar professionals like doctors, engineers and IT professionals from higher middle-class families.

Indian Matchmaking: The ‘cringe-worthy’ Netflix show that is a huge hit

We precisely understand the elite matrimony needs of privileged class hence Lovevivah offers elite matchmaking service. It is not just assistance in finding the best match as per their stature and social standards but an exclusive match making experience that counts. Thus, we believe that it needs a distinguished set of expert professionals to cater to their sophisticated requirements.

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Watching white people discover Indian Matchmaking just happens to be although reinforces the caste hierarchies of the most elite/rich indian.

What influences our youth to set aside their enterprising, free-wheeling spirit to follow the well-trodden path of arranged marriages? Part of the answer lies in the deep socialisation process, which is woven into the fabric of the close-knit extended Indian family, and its rootedness in the larger network of society. The young too seem to believe in the cultural definition of marriage as a family affair, rather than an individual undertaking. Harmony and shared values arising from common backgrounds are seen as more important than individual attraction.

The common grounds provided by an arranged match — familiar customs, foods, relatives, incomes, etc — also helps in negotiating the dark thicket of matchmaking. The upside is also that this aids the adjustment process with the new partner and family, a stand-in for what is seen as the variable element of love. When it comes to daughters, the disciplining fetters become even tighter, since a tarnished reputation would scupper her chances in the marriage market.

With whom? But in India it continues well into adulthood. It translates into interference in career decisions, choice of friends, dietary preferences, etc. Despite this over-involvement, the so-called transgressions like drinking, smoking and premarital sex must be surgically hidden from their view.

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With his team of relationship managers, counsellors, photographers, chartered accountants and a sophisticated software that helps sort out matches based on location, community, age and height, among other filters, Goswami found a life partner for the year-old that checked all the boxes. I met a lot of people and my family stepped in only when I was sure.

Read The evolution of marriage, from strictly arranged to semi-arranged. But I dated my wife for a year before the wedding.

Elite Matrimony, a matrimonial website, for example, offers membership by The noveau rich who have benefited from India’s economic boom.

We check all the parameters of social status,financial strength,background,educational opportunities, and other criteria for selecting life partner. December 31, Newswire. They check all the parameters of social status, financial strength, background, educational opportunities, and other criteria for selecting life partner for their child. Now, Scenario is different perspective bride and bridegroom wants to know each other before marriage.

Many matrimonial websites are coming up but unfortunately you can find fake profiles on these websites. In this scenario, there is a need of trusted matrimonial website. This website is providing various facilities to their members so they can get the multilingual platform so that they can navigate their site in their own language.

The Trouble with Indian Matrimony: Matchmaker, Make me a Match!

A picky year-old from Mumbai whose unwillingness to marry raises his mom’s blood pressure. A headstrong year-old lawyer from Houston who says she doesn’t want to settle for just anybody. A cheerful year-old Guyanese-American dancer with Indian roots who simply wants to find a good person to be her husband. These are some of the singles on the new Netflix original series Indian Matchmaking , a reality TV show about arranged marriages in Indian culture.


Attune cater to the matrimonial requirements of a large number of people in India and Abroad, SINCE Year , We are proud to say that we are the only Personalized Service provider in this field whose having such a large data base of Matrimonial Prospectus, for your services. We deliver the best and get as many people together as possible. Jain Community known for providing class and quality services only for renowned business tycoons and famous industrialist. To enroll as a member, your details are obtained in a pre-set format, containing your personal details as well as the criterion on which you would base your requirements of a prospective life partner.

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Indian Matchmaking treads into dangerous territory when it allows Sima Taparia free rein to reinforce regressive methods of Indian matchmaking as undeniable fact. During the episode, Basra explained to Justin how she might have rushed into marriage, in part due to her Indian family pressuring her. How could I ever trust you? How could anyone ever trust you?

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Known for its personalised approach and emphasis on discretion and privacy, the Delhi-based matchmaking platform MatchMe has closed around matches so far. After playing cupid for a few of her friends and subsequently being approached by people outside her circle to find them a life partner, Mishi Mehta Sood realised matchmaking could become more than her passion project.

She realised that this had to be addressed in a more organised way. The idea further took roots as she joined forces with her college friend Tania Malhotra Sondhi. Together, the ladies hailing from a well-connected network in Delhi, combined their aptitude for matchmaking and extensive experience in HR recruiting and executive searches, to launch a personalised boutique matrimonial service called MatchMe in The Delhi-based website, known for its personalised approach and emphasis on discretion and privacy, filters and curates matches for its clients, making sure that they only meet suitable people in the process.

Its target audience comprises the well-established, well-educated, and progressive-minded Indians spread all across the globe. Digital dating certainly has its merits. Its faster, easier, convenient, and you can meet someone just with a tap on the screen. But, the swipe-fest could also account for a few disasters. The inaccuracy of information and invasion of privacy being at the top of the list.

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Critics accuse the show of stereotyping and commodifying women, lacking diversity and promoting a backwards vision of marriage where astrologers and meddling parents are more influential than the preferences of brides and grooms. They complain that the series, which follows matchmaker Sima Taparia as she jets between Mumbai and the U. In fact, the real problem may be their discomfort with the way marriage works in India, with social stability prized over individual happiness.

A small fraction still practices child marriage, with some communities holding betrothal ceremonies as soon as a girl is born. At the other end of the spectrum, there is growing acceptance of queer relationships, divorce and even avoiding marriage altogether. But most Indian marriages are still arranged. Even college-educated, urban, middle-class Indians show a strong preference to marry within caste. Muslims in South Asia marry within their biradari or jaat — a stand-in for Hindu caste.

The reason Guyanese-born Nadia faces a limited set of options in the show is not because of her South American birth, but because Indians who were shipped as indentured laborers to the New World were mostly lower castes, or so perceived. When the purpose of marriage is to find love, companionship and compatibility, then the focus is on the characteristics of the individual.

The marriage market is akin to a matching market, similar to Tinder or Uber. But, in a world where marriage exists to maintain caste lines, the nature of the marriage market more closely resembles a commodity market, where goods are graded into batches. Within every batch, the commodity is substitutable — as in wheat or coffee exchanges. This is why reading matrimonial ads or listening to Sima going over biodatas — a kind of matrimonial resume — is triggering for many Indian women.


It is well known saying in English “”Connections are made in heaven and celebrated on earth””. It is legitimate at any rate we at Ultra Rich Match have a substitute speculation on matchmaking. As a firm disciple to destiny like various Indians we understand connections are made in heaven, regardless, to meet your ideal accomplice on given motivation behind time you need to put some extra tries.

Being relying upon destiny it is conceivable that you have to hold on for some charm happen or trust someone who is extraordinary in matchmaking.

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Invest in your personal happiness and let us find the love of your life for you. The youth population of India is the biggest positive factor for India and its growth in coming years. They are seeking to find that beautiful work-life balance, and are ready and willing to take that step with their perfect life partner, their soul mate.

A degree from a well-known institution is a ticket to your professional success; however when it comes to marriage, people face great difficulties in searching for a right match with high educational background and rich family values. Elite singles usually search on internet to find perfect elite match for their life however most of the elite matrimonial portals seems very common now a days.

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The show follows the journey of a Mumbai-based matchmaker who arranges marriage alliances between wealthy families in India and the US. What is disconcerting is not simply the easy acceptance of social conservatism by the young and elderly, not the least by Indian diaspora in the United States. What stands out for Indians is the importance of marital status. Arranged marriages, the norm in India, are tightly bound within the caste of the bride and groom.

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Being from a privileged class there are many things that get sort out easily in life, but when it comes to marriage and finding the right soul mate, it is the most difficult task. Numerous matrimonial portals in India are working day and night but their approach is the same. The software allows you to tick the checkbox and they present the prospective bride and groom to you.

Marriages are a lot more than just a few checkbox characteristics, it is an emotional bond between people and cultures that need human touch. Elite matrimony services require personal attention and a lot of work that goes beyond the tangible characteristics of people. We, at Affluent Vivah, help elite singles to find their matching soul. We are passionate about matchmaking, understand the complexities in terms of cultures, behavior, lifestyle, values, and tradition of the elite class in India.

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Welcome to Affluent Vivah Being from a privileged class there are many things that get sort out easily in life, but when it comes to marriage and finding the right soul mate, it is the most difficult task.

Indian Dating in the US: Meet Eligible Indian Singles

Bride Groom. Punjabi weddings are renowned for being pompous and energetic. People hailing from the Punjabi ethnicity are joyous, playful and extremely …. Sikh matrimonial ceremonies ….

Netflix’s new reality series “Indian Matchmaking” follows an elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia as she travels back and forth across the.

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