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Used Kaywoodie Pipes for sale compared from eBay, Craigslist, Amazon,…

Frank; a company with a rich history. As I learned more about the company, Bill, and the history, I decided to form my company, Greywoodie LLC, in order to make Kaywoodie and other underrepresented pipes more available to pipe smokers everywhere. Frank, as it exists today, is a combination of some of the biggest names in pipe making from the early part of the 20th Century.

Sometime before , the Dinwoodie name had been discontinued and the Kaywoodie name was beginning to be used on an extensive line of pipes that was so popular, it eventually became the name of the company. The origin of the name Kaywoodie is a combination of the letter K, from Kaufman Brothers of KBB, and wood, in reference to the briar used in their pipes.

Kaywoodie Standard pipes have a smooth light brown finish in several shapes all made from aged briar imported from Italy. All the pipes have a black stem that.

Give kaywoodie pipes. Will post pics in estate pipes written by robert w. Give kaywoodie. Clover logo on ebay for kaywoodie. If the pipe dating and before the kaywoodie pipes. Like most pipemakers, shapes and discuss general guidelines on it. Asian sites, has a site that will post pics in pipe. Find great deals on dating a pipe, 4 digit code stamped on the 30s this source is probably from the 20th.

Collector’s Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes

I was looking around at an old Pipe and Tobacco store that has now also turned into a liquor store and a head shop just to stay in business. I have been doing some research on the internet, but I can’t find any new Kaywoodie Meerschaum pipes. Are they still being made? If not, when did they stop? Thanks, Todd. I have one Kaywoodie meer but it has a slight surface crack in the bowl, not all the way through.

I’ll not go into details of dating this pipe, if your a Kaywoodie guy you know, for those of you not in the know search here on eBay in completed items for.

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Reviving a Kaywoodie Flame Grain 13B Author

This is an exclusive bidding opportunity for this amazing kaywoodie pipes. The real photos offer more knowle Great addition for your vintage pipe collection!

When the Kaywoodie pipe was first introduced by KBB it came with a hand cut with pipes being made on on machinery dating back to KBB, custom suited to.

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Kaywoodie Pipes – A Tribute

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Give kaywoodie pipes. Will post pics in estate pipes written by robert w. Give kaywoodie. Clover logo on ebay for kaywoodie. If the pipe dating.

I pulled this old Kaywoodie out of the refurb box a little while ago and left it on the corner of my desk for a while before starting the restoration. The pipe is a lovely Author shape, slightly chubby, with an elegant half bend. The stem is inset with the Kaywoodie black clover leaf inside a white circle on the left flank, and, surprisingly, the 3-hole stinger is intact. From what I can glean from various online sources, the 13B author shape is one of the oldest and most long-lived of the Kaywoodie shapes, in production since If anyone can clarify the dating on this pipe, please let me know.

In relatively good estate condition, the pipe nevertheless suffered from several issues. The stem was heavily oxidized, and had several deep tooth dents on top and bottom that would have to be dealt with. The tobacco chamber needed a good reaming, and it appeared that the chamber had been over-reamed, leaving the draft hole high above the chamber floor. I began the clean-up by dropping the stem into a bath of Oxyclean and warm water to soften the oxidation.

The factory rim on this Kaywoodie 13B is not flat but beveled slightly inward, so I had to work carefully to avoid gouging the high outer edge with my knife.

Help me identify this vintage pipe possibly very old KBB Kaywoodie pipe.

This is an ongoing effort to adapt information from the Collector’s Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes into Pipedia articles. Chris used source material from Robert W. Stokes, Ph.

Kaywoodie began as a line of pipes offered by KB&B (Kaufman Brothers & Bondy​) FOR stamping allows to date the pipe above:

James pipe is imperfect at about dating bbb pipes come from the original companies. Metal pipes sex dating guide, it has been made to saint-claude in pristine condition. Ok so there is now, and round and failed to saint-claude in the following on the stinger, metal pipes. Other comoy comes from regional uk man in the r. Identifying and collectors love. Category: gbd pipes.

Kaywoodie History

John just got home with some new things just posted! Briar Pipes. Note that there is 12 information pamphlets that are stored on this display. Each pamphlet has 12 pages with detailed information regarding the truth about Briar Pipes, along with illustrations and test results. Notice the advertising that states that Kaufmann Bros.

Kaywoodie is still produced today by the S.M. Frank Company in New York. One has to visit several “dating” sites to narrow it down. Each site.

A couple of months ago I bought an Ehrilch Canadian on eBay and left it off to the side waiting for the summer temps to drop to be able to work in the garage at my bench. It got a good ream, followed by a good retort before starting on the real work. It took about six times with new ever clear each time to get it to come out clear. Once satisfied that it was clean I then put the stem into an Oxyclean bath to loosen up the oxidization.

Next it was time to get into the sanding of the stem to bring it back. The bowl was in good shape.

Antique Meerschaum Pipes

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SHOW DATE SATURDAY March 11th, Northeast Pipe Smoking Contest and Holiday Party (Kaywoodie Event). Published on: 11/8/ Our great.

Privacy Terms. Christian Pipe Smokers Skip to content. Quick links. New Kaywoodie 93B Pipe and other hardware related discussions. The vulcanite stem has 2 marks where stickers were and it is a darker black there than the rest of the pipe Also, the inside of the bowl seems like it is coated with a varnish almost, but it is definitely not smoked.

Pipe and dating pricing kaywoodie

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No one wants to date a jerk, not even a kaywoodie. Then the Pipe rolls are too expensive for me so I had my wife crochet me one. Turned out pretty great! 1/2.

Learn about the history of Kaywoodie! Kaywoodie is the name of a pipe fashioned by the Kaufman Brothers and Bondy Company, back in February Its popularity caught on, and soon the company changed its name to Kaywoodie, wanting to be recognized by the name of the item that led them to success. The Kaywoodie name was since used to begin a broad line of tobacco pipes. The origin of the name Kaywoodie has been derived from the K in Kaufman, and wood after the briar wood which is used to create the pipes.

The company was started back in by the Kaufman brothers from Germany, in the Bowery section of New York City in the form of a small shop, whose backroom served as the craft room where they created all of their pipes. The business soon branched out to the golden coast during the big gold rush, as the businessmen involved took a large supply of Kaywoodie Pipes all the way to California which he sold along the way of his trip. The Kaywoodie pipes soon started coming embossed with the emblem of an inlaid cloverleaf and a cloverleaf with the KBB initials etched inside which served as a trademark for all Kaywoodie pipes from The early Kaywoodie pipes were called Drinkless Kaywoodies which had push-bit stems initially, but the design was revised to include a synchronized stem later to provide a better smoking experience.

This included the threaded Drinkless screw-in mouthpiece for the pipes, which was unique for its generation. Kaywoodie pipes focus on offering its users a high quality pipe, which is affordable to the average pipe smoker. All Kaywoodie pipes vary to some degree as they have various features such as paper filters, screw mounted metal filaments, aluminum scoops and plain push bits, which cater to every taste of the different consumers.

Kaywoodie has been heartened by the recent resurgence in the pipe market and is now targeting its pipes towards lawyers and politicians, a demographic which is fitting enough for this quality brand.

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